Lost on the LSU Campus, In Search of the Chili Cookoff

I set out a little after 12:30 noon this Saturday to find the 8th Annual 2014 Louisiana State & Regional Chili Cookoff. I looked at the digital map last night and knew it wasn’t far from the LSU Alumni center, hence I set out with great confidence that I would easily navigate the LSU campus and find what I was looking for. Oh, did I mention that I also thought the The 5th Annual Spring Car Show was today and not tomorrow?

I parked my car by the Pete Maravich Assembly center in front of Mike the Tiger’s home. Actually, I didn’t even realize it was there and I have lived in Baton Rouge for 31 years. Yes, I am a pretty slow learner, but in my defense, this world is a big, complicated place. Below I have provided to you, the reader, a map of my wanderings and indisputable visual evidence that I missed my target destination.

Saturday Walk 3 29 2014 at LSU Baton Rouge 360 - BTR360

The Parker Coliseum was where I was supposed to end up (check the pin on the above map), but alas, I returned to my car by 1:40 PMish and decided that I might have to abort my mission.

I drove to the closest McDonald’s in hope of finding a worker or a local paper leftover with more exact details but I did not.

I got back into my vehicle and decided to give it one more spin and headed back over to Highland Road instead of Burbank that I originally brought in. I located a small sign and within five minutes I found a parking place in front of the Coliseum.

I walked around the Chili Cookoff where roughly thirty booths were set up with this days contestants. I must guess that there will be thirty more booths set up tomorrow, on Sunday, because the event bulletin mentions 60 contestants and teams from all over the country and locally.

8th Annual 2014 Louisiana State & Regional Chili Cookoff
8th Annual 2014 Louisiana State & Regional Chili Cookoff

I tasted the chili from one booth, before I heard the announcer mention that a $6 fee allowed the attendees to taste any and all chili creations and also allowed them to vote for the people’s choice award.

The list of judges printed in the bulletin ran as much as 150 total. When I asked one contestant, “So are you going to win this year?” He responded, “If the judges are from Louisiana I will.” He seemed confident, so I am sure he will win, or, if not, at least he will have something to bitterly complain about if he doesn’t.

There is one more day left, March 30, 2014, to stop by and taste the chili and don’t forget to pay the fee which entitles you to do so. Yes, the car show is also tomorrow, Sunday. Registration of cars is from 9 AM to 12 Noon. Awards will be given at 2 PM.

Written by Kevin A. Woolsey


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