Children’s Garden Offers Beauty & Learning


Baton Rouge – The Children’s Garden at the Burden Center offers a great educational experience to kids in the greater Baton Rouge area. Full of flowers and plants of all types, many are labeled and explained to aid the learner of all ages.

A child is welcome to bring a camera and take pictures and document each type of plant and the fruit that it grows, from grapefruit, to apples, from lemons to pears. Small, bright colored picnic tables are spaced in the kid’s garden and watering cans are placed throughout the beautiful space.

The All-American Display’s Garden is immediately next door and provides a broad of array of flowers. Swings are also placed on the sides of the garden to enable relaxed viewing and opportunities to observe plants and listen to the birds sing songs as they pass through.

If you need a place to take your child to view the displays of the beauties of creation and nature, be sure to stop by and spend time at the Children’s Garden off of Essen Ln and I-10.

The address is 4560 Essen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA, 70809. The phone number is (225) 763-3990. Hours are listed as 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m. every day of the week. View a map here: (Burden Center – Children’s Garden)

Take a short visual journey here provided by Baton Rouge 360 ( and photographer Kevin Woolsey.


One Purple Flower at LSU Burden Center Children's Garden Sign at Burden Children's Garden to Visit in Baton Rouge Decorative Bottle's at LSU Children's Garden Picnic Tables at Kid's Garden Baton Rouge Water the Flower's at Burden LSU Fig Tree Sign at Children's Garden BR LA Small Children's Picnic Table Colorful Flowers Spring Louisiana 2014 Burden Children's Garden Flower's from America LSU Burden Swing at Burden Shaw Center Building from Burden View Flowers in a Bucket Louisiana More and More Flowers Many Purple Flowers LSU Burden Two Watering Buckets Spring in Baton Rouge Louisiana A bird walks and sings at Burden Center LSU Baton Rouge Water Faucet Yellow Flowers Standing One Beautiful Flower at LSU's Burden Center BRLA Tall Yellow Flower Five Pink Flowers Burden Center BTR Bright Red Flower by Kevin Andrew Woolsey Photo BRLA Pink Flowers in Bucket Baton Rouge Burden Blurred Flowers Burden One Bright Flower by Kevin Woolsey


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