Bring Shoes, Friends & Pets to LSU Lakes

Baton Rouge – University Lakes, otherwise known as the LSU lakes offer sa rich visual experience to many Baton Rouge walkers. On any given day, many walkers, runners and bicyclers follow the trails and side roads around some of the most beautiful real estate in the Capital City.

From bright flowers, fluttering butterflies, birds of all types and gorgeous homes, there is much to view alone the way. Some merely choose to walk around Baton Rouge’s historic City Park at the north tip of the lakes. Others choose to jog the circumference of the north lake which is smaller than the south lake. The south lake offers a walk of about 4.0 miles.

On longer walks it is recommended to wear a hat or sunscreen because of the exposure to sometimes harmful UV sunlight. Some choose to get out and spend time rowing a boat or merely gliding and letting the wind determine the direction.

No matter the path you follow, the University Lakes give families, couples and students a place to go for physical exercise whether heavy or light. Bring walking shoes, a friend and, yes, even a pet.

Click on the images below to see how rich the experience can be.


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