LSU Campus Becomes Tobacco-Free

Baton Rouge, LA – Effective August 1, 2014, LSU has enacted a policy of no tobacco use on it’s campus.

There will no longer be ash trays available for use. Signage is being developed that will inform all students and visitors of the new “smoke-free” policy.

LSU currently spends $36,000 every year cleaning up cigarette butts on it’s properties.

Every year in the United States, tobacco-linked illnesses kill 443,000 people. That is more than Louisiana’s most populated city, New Orleans.

The governor’s “Well-Ahead” program affects all university properties and all public post-secondary institutions in the state of Louisiana.

I. PURPOSE – The use of tobacco products is harmful to health and imposes costs on LSU and all members of the LSU community. State law RS 40:1300.263 requires LSU to adopt a smoke-free policy and authorizes LSU to adopt a tobacco-free policy. This policy is
intended to comply with State law and to balance the individual liberty of members of the LSU community with concern for the significant negative health effects of tobacco use, the costs associated with campus facilities administration, and LSU’s ability to recruit students, faculty, and staff. -PS-118 – Tobacco Free Campus Policy

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