Ridiculous & Funny: Not All Water is the Same

Their is a Difference Between Water (Pronounced WATUR) and Water (Pronounced WATEAR)

As “everyone” knows (it has been well documented in National Geographic and Time Magazine), teenagers like to make words mean many different things just by changing the inflection or way a word is said. Being around the teen students at a get together last night inspired the silly part of my brain to come up with two types of “water.”

I kept Donna (my poor wife) up last night with a fictitious explanation between water (watur) and water (watear).

For example, “watur” is what they use to flush toilets while “watear” is what you use to rinse your mouth after you brush your teeth. Hence, “watear” is better, much better, than “watur.”

I gave her many more examples of the differences as she was trying to go to sleep. She said, “You can tell you have been around Jr. High school students today.”

by Kevin Andrew Woolsey, Baton Rouge 360


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