5 Fun Facts About LSU

LSU Fun Facts, Q&A

Here are a few questions which you likely, will not be able to answer on your own. These fun facts, fun questions and fun answers are sure to dazzle your friends and label you as ultra smart. The best way to present your answers is to act as if everyone knew these facts already. When you pose the question, you should also act amazed that no one knew it and that you thought is was common knowledge. Try not to be too annoying in the display of your newly acquired vast expertise.

Question #1: When was LSU founded?

  • Answer: 1853

Question #2: Where was LSU first located?

  • Answer: Near Pineville, Louisiana.

Question #3: What was the first name of LSU?

  • Answer: Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and Military Academy

Question #4: When did the first session begin for classes?

  • Answer: January 2, 1860.

Question #5: Who founded LSU?

  • Answer: The Louisiana General Assembly



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