Perkins Rowe, The Place to Walk, Talk & Shop

Picture of the Day: Perkins Rowe – The Place to Walk, Talk & Shop

Perkins Rowe is the place in Baton Rouge to go for shopping, dining and movies. Beautifully landscaped, it presents itself as a small town with a distinct flavor that is relaxing and refreshing to every visitor.

Walking from shop to shop is a great way to spend time with friends while looking for that special accessory to your wardrobe or to your home. 

There are many dining experiences to choose from for the taste buds. The latest and greatest movies are also showing at the Perkins Rowe Cinema a various times throughout the day.

Finally, spend a few minutes sitting in the central park with the water fountain flowing and the giant screens at the top of a tall building right out of a scene in “Back to the Future” displaying nostalgic film fragments from bygone times.

by Kevin A. Woolsey

More here: Perkins Rowe Shops


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