BBC Mobile Bureau in Baton Rouge for October 2014

Baton Rouge, LA – The BBC Mobile Bureau held a community event Monday, October 6, 2014 at the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication.

The night started shortly after 7:00 PM with a few short videos explaining the purpose of the recently created mobile team.

Attendees were asked, one by one, which issue they thought might be the most important for the BBC Pop Up team to look into.

The event took place in the domed meeting area of LSU’s Journalism building. Attendees were allowed to leave after the original 8:00 PM cut-off time but were invited to stay as the meeting continued. The meeting lasted for more than 90 minutes and the journalist were interviewing and meeting with members of the audience until at least 9:00 PM.

Many issues were brought up including the forming of the city of St. George. Other topics included racial inequalities in education, the vanishing wetlands of Louisiana, how parents discipline their children and the die hard love of college football in our city. Surprisingly, tailgating was not mentioned.

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) employs around 8,000 people world wide and owns the rights to many television series.

The Pop Up team’s first month long visit was to the city of Boulder, Colorado for the month of September 2014. The BBC website mentions the distance of the journey at 1,248 miles.

The BBC has a painted vehicle that was parked in front of Tiger Stadium for the Monday event and will be visible in Baton Rouge throughout October 2014.

The journalist from BBC asked many questions one of which was seeking clarification of the term “switch”in a discussion of how parents discipline their children in America’s south.

The Pop Up team mentioned that they are seeking for good or “positive” stories, not just stories that are always “negative.” By asking sincere questions and having an open attitude, the team from BBC was successful in getting residents and students to “open up” to the concerns of Louisiana and the capital city area.


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