Born on This Day: John Milton (1608)

Today in History

The Poet, John Milton, was born on December 9, 1608 in London. He eventually lost his sight and, in his blindness, dictated his famous epic Poem Paradise Lost  to his assistant.

Here are 50 tiny quotes collected from the writings of John Milton:

1. Darkness visible.
2. Human face divine.
3. Unbelief is blind.
4. Lust—hard by hate.
5. Chance governs all.
6. The hell within him.
7. The truest fortitude.
8. The palpable obscure.
9. Evil, be thou my good.
10. The silver-footed queen.
11. Beauty is Nature’s brag.
12. Forget thyself to marble.
13. Believe and be confirmed.
14. The brazen throat of war.
15. Tears such as angels weep.
16. The starry cope of heaven.
17. Sin and her shadow, death.
18. Servant of God, well done.
19. The hidden soul of harmony.
20. At shut of evening flowers.
21. My sentence is for open war.
22. Hide their diminished heads.
23. The bright consummate flower.
24. By steps we may ascend to God.
25. Indued with sanctity of reason.
26. So many laws argue so many sins.
27. Where all life dies death lives.
28. Danger will wink on opportunity.
29. Courage never to submit or yield.
30. Dim eclipse, disastrous twilight.
31. Unrespited, unpitied, unrepriev’d.
32. Imparadis’d in one another’s arms.
33. Demoniac frenzy, moping melancholy.
34. But infinite in pardon is my Judge.
35. Faithful found among the faithless.
36. Solitude is sometimes best society.
37. Awake, arise, or be forever fall’n!
38. Where shame is, there is also fear.
39. While rocking winds are piping loud.
40. Short retirement urges sweet return.
41. Sable-vested Night, eldest of things!
42. Praise from an enemy smells of craft.
43. Death from sin no power can separate.
44. The sacred influence of light appears.
45. The debt immense of endless gratitude.
46. Under the opening eyelids of the morn.
47. The paradise of fools, to few unknown.
48. Laws can discover sin, but not remove.
49. Which, if not victory, is yet revenge.
50. Gorgons, and Hydras, and Chimæras dire.


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