(LIFF) Louisiana International Film Festival, May 7-10 at Perkins Rowe

Baton Rouge, LA – This mother’s day weekend features the Louisiana International Film Festival, May 7-10, 2015 at Perkins Rowe. LIFF provides and excellent opportunity for film lovers to enjoy watching, eating and networking with people in the film industry.

The comedy movie Spy will premiere Thursday, May 7 at 7:00 PM staring Melissa McCarthy.

The LIFF Mentorship Program offers workshops on various aspects of film-making Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Some of the topics and speakers for the workshop classes are:

  • Actor’s Alliance with Veleka Gray
  • Success on a Micro-Budget: How crowd-funding, budget limitations, and obscurity can help you with Naomi McDougall Jones
  • How to Break Into Stunts with Michael Papajohn.
  • How to Succeed In Film Production, George Steiner of FilmWorks New Orleans.
  • Lens Choices from Panavision with James Finn: James Finn from Panavision New Orleans will show clips from independent features Panavision has been supporting worldwide and speak about some of the lens choices these shows and others are making.

The complete Mentorship Program class listings can be found here: http://lifilmfest.org/2015/mentorship-program/

LIFF All Access Pass: http://lifilmfest.org/2015/registration/


Jency Griffin Hogan, Louisiana Film Industry Job Needs

BTR360 spoke with Actress Jency Griffin Hogan on February 25, 2014 at Perkins Rowe. See her bio here at IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3324426/.

Jency was in a recent scene with Matthew McConaughey in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” (2013). Having lived in Los Angeles for seven years, her family told her Baton Rouge was the place to be and “they were right.”

Jency is involved with raising up younger people to train the film support industry. She sees herself as building infrastructure so Los Angeles won’t have to fly all their support people out for shoots. Currently about half of the support staff for a movie production on sight is Louisiana talent. In order for Louisiana to have more people ready to plug-in, they need to have the skills Hollywood is looking for and that only comes through mentoring and hands on training over a period of several years in order to attain a strong level of expertise.

Jency Griffin Hogan by Eye Wander Photo

“Oh my gosh, there is so many jobs in film,” Jency explained. There may be 100 people moving around just one actor. Hair, make-up, sound, set design, artistic design and script supervisors to mention a few. There is a big world behind every scene. There is one person typically watching just for continuity. “In order to get the job in film you have to be good.” They key to success according to Jency is to start young around 14 to 15 years old.

Jency also teaches acting classes in Baton Rouge. Her husband is a seasoned photographer. The are intent on showcasing the talent available in Louisiana. They teach that it is important for talent to support the needs of directors. Telling directors about who is great in Louisiana is what LIFF is about.

Actress Jency Griffin Hogan - Eye Wander Photo

Being savvy and smart, knowing how to navigate the industry is vital for aspiring actors and support staff. Having the right kind of agent that does not charge you unless you work is vital. Actors have to be ready to work when called upon, without hesitation.

Interview by Kevin Woolsey.

A Chance to Meet Filmmakers, 2014 Louisiana International Film Festival, May 8-11

“There is so much diverse talent in the state of Louisiana, it’s teaming with talent. How do we create a platform for all of those people to come together and meet one another?” -Chesley Heymsfield, LIFF Executive Director.

People mingle at promo event on Feb 25, 2014 for upcoming Louisiana International Film Festival.

Baton Rouge 360 was able to sit down for a few minutes with Chesley Heymsfield, the Executive Director of the Louisiana International Film Festival & Mentorship Program to be hosted this year at Perkins Rowe, May 8-11, 2014. She gave us some first hand insights into how this event has been organized and how it will be a unique experience for Louisiana.

Last year, 2013, was the first year the LIFF. Chesley mentioned that “Without the support of the community we can’t have the film festival.” Grass roots marketing is vital to LIFF’s rapid expansion and is about networking through good people and the communities they already have in place.

Mingling at LA Film Festival 2014, Perkins Rowe.

This year Baton Rouge is the host city, but LIFF is reaching out to different cities and parishes across the state. “This is a festival that represents the talent that is in the whole state and everything that is happening here.”

Last year’s event was an “incredible” launch in New Orleans. The turnout was good and the programming was “world class.” Leslie Zemeckis and Jeff Consiglio were part of the event last year. Chesley shared, “A film is a community effort, much like a film festival. You really have to get all these different people from different disciplines involved.”

Throwing a festival allows each person attending the opportunity to get to know new people. The annual ritual helps to create an easier process going forward for all involved. A festival is a chance to meet new talent as well.

Louisiana International Film Festival 2014 Promo Event.

“There is so much diverse talent in the state of Louisiana, it’s teaming with talent. How do we create a platform for all of those people to come together and meet one another?” Cheslea Heymsfield explained.

Chase Bank is partnering with LIFF to start doing master training classes during the festival to help develop Louisiana talent.  Intimate discussions will be held with experienced filmmakers.

A special guest will be announced this year for the festival. Dan Ireland, who helped to discover Renée Zellweger, is the artistic director of LIFF this year. Dan also founded the Seattle International Film Festival, the largest in the country.

Chesley Heymsfield, Executive Director of the Louisiana International Film Festival & Mentorship Program on right.

Chesley is involved with making connections and coordinating the festival so Baton Rouge 360 asked her, “How do you know if you have the right person for something?” Her answer was quick, “If they think of everything before you do, then they’re a keeper.”

“You should come to it. Are you going to come this year? You should definitely come!”

If Chesley were talking to you face to face she would probably persistently ask you what she asked us, “You should come to it. Are you going to come this year? You should definitely come!”

Written by Kevin Woolsey, BTR360.com


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