A Kora African Bass Harp Plays in Jackson Square, New Orleans

Photo taken on May 27, 2015, by Kevin Woolsey Photography, New Orleans & Baton Rouge, Louisiana Photographer.

People sit an listen to the relaxing sound of a Kora African Bass Harp being played in Jackson Square, New Orleans.

A tree reaches over from the black park gate/fence. The fence is locked in the evening to supposedly to keep people from spending the night.

Balconies hold chairs and tables most of which are not occupied. Two people sit in the center balcony eating food and sharing each others company.

Teal painted iron works adorn the front of the windows of the Louisiana State Museum.

Some take pictures on their smart phones of the young man performing on his large Kora African Bass Harp, the sounds of which fill the front of the square by the St. Louis Cathedral.

Others hold drinks or walk slowly by, some stopping for a few moments, some lingering longer. Others yet prefer to listen at a distance near the corner of St. Ann and Chartres in front of Muriel’s Jackson Square Restaurant, celebrating Creole cuisine and New Orleans culture.

A baby being held by a mother, a bicycle parked next to a motorcycle and benches resting on the square stone tiles, giving rest to those who prefer not to stand.

Such are the sights and sounds in front of the giant cathedral in the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter. The sun is slowly setting. Magic, soothing sounds fill the air from the Bass Harp accompanied by the hand beaten drum of a fellow musician.

The sun hits the top of the red bricks and red paint, also bringing out the yellow trim above Muriel’s.

People sit where they please, walk where they please, lay where they please, stare where they please. Folks of all nationalities, races, colors, creeds and languages walk through the area and seem to be in another world.

Cameras are welcomed, so are the pigeons and birds of all shapes and sizes. A black lantern has not yet lit it’s glow, it awaits its turn to shine, the sun is in control.

The strict square shapes of the St. Louis Cathedral bring an order, a calm, as do the gentle arches of the buildings on either side, adding a softer flowing touch.

What could be more calm, more enchanting, more New Orleans than this?

Written by Kevin Woolsey


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