Olivia Jordan is Crowned Winner of Miss USA 2015

Baton Rouge, LA – On Sunday, July 12, The Miss USA 2015 pageant was held in the Baton Rouge River Center in the capital city of Louisiana.

We really need to work on being an accepting society. -Olivia Jordan

In the final five round, the contestants are given 30 seconds to respond to a question asked by one of the judges. Olivia Jordan was called upon first to respond in the interview portion of the contest.

Miss Nevada and Miss Rhode Island struggled to give answers in the allotted time to difficult and important social and political questions of the times.

The transcript of the question and answer portion for winner of the Miss USA 2015 pageant is as follows: 

Brook Lee: The Confederate flag, excessive force by police and same-sex marriage are all recent, hot-button issues in our country. What do you think will be the next that we need to tackle on a national level?

Olivia Jordan: I think that we still need to talk about race relations in this country. We have not solved this issue. We are still having problems and we keep hearing about new issues that are coming up. We really need to work on being an accepting society and being a society where every single person, no matter your race, no matter your gender, is given the same rights and privileges and opportunities.

–End of transcript

Miss Texas USA was asked about the huge salaries CEO’s make in America compared to the average workers salaries and whether the government should impose boundaries of executives. She responded that America is a land of opportunity and that CEOs work hard and “should be able to attain whatever it is they are working for.”

Miss Rhode Island USA asked that her question be repeated “once more.” The final part of the question was, “Do you think political correctness is hurting or helping this country, and why?” Miss Rhode Island USA quickly ran out of time to complete her answer.

Miss Maryland USA was asked a question about the United States agreeing to formally reopen its embassy in Cuba. She spoke with confidence about mending our relations with everyone as a nation.

Miss Nevada USA was asked about improving race relations in the U.S. and was asked to be specific. She responded with large pauses in between words as she was looking for an appropriate way to answer the probing question.

Miss Oklahoma USA went on to win the Miss USA 2015 competition and will represent the Miss Universe organization for one year. She will also advance to compete in the Miss Universe competition at a later date.

The Miss Universe Organization owns the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants.

Written by Kevin Woolsey


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