Lafayette Shooting Police Chief Statement at Around 9:50 PM

What we know as of 10:10 PM on July 23, 2015.

From the Police Chief of Lafayette, Jim Craft:

Four officers entered the theater to engage the shooter.

The shooter has died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound

Two fatalities including shooter.

A number of people injured.

Some injuries are non-life threatening. Some are serious.

We are in the middle of this investigation.

We closed the other grand theater and police officers were deployed as a precaution.

It is a chaotic crime scene.

We are all pitching in to make sure we are doing this correctly.

Three are critical. About 10 people shot total.

The scene seems to be secure.

Investigating how this happened.

Public safety is first.

From Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal:

Jindal praises law enforcement. Louisiana will give every support possible. This is a senseless act of violence. This is a seemingly random act of violence.

Families were just out for a night of entertainment.

When one family suffers we all suffer.

We can pray.

Praying for loved ones to make a full recovery.

Shower families with love.

Lafayette is a strong community.

This is an awful night for Lafayette, Louisiana and the country.

Folks are taking witness statements.

Police were running to the shots.

We need their thoughts and prayers.

What’s going on at the local hospitals is important.

Engaged in heroic efforts.


Shooter is white male in his 50’s.

Relationship not known between shooter and victims.

10 victims total.

7 total taken to hospital.

Police confirmed that they do have the identity of the shooter but it is not being released yet.

The shooter is 58 years old.

People were running out of the theater.

People were running for their life.

Acadian ambulance arrived immediately.

Three have been deceased.

Everyone was told to exit the theater as soon as possible.

They are not sure if the shooter had any motive behind what he did.

It is not know if the man was already in the theater when the movie started or if he came in after it started.

The police currently believe (10:06 PM) that the theater is secure.

Three different crime scene investigations showed up.

The shooter was likely sitting at the top of the theater when the shooting began.

The FBI is now involved.

Happened at the 7:00 PM showing of the movie Train Wreck at the Grand Theater in Lafayette.

Compliled by Kevin Woolsey, Completed at 10:10 PM, July 23, 2015.


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