“Senseless, Evil and Random Violence” in Lafayette

Remarks of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal given to the press immediately after touring the inside of The Grand Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana where the shooting of Thursday, July 23, 2015 took place killing two innocent victims and wounding nine with the shooter taking his own life.

(Transcription by Kevin Woolsey, Writer/Photographer at the scene.)

“I’m alternating between deep, deep grief and sorrow for the loss of innocent human life as well as intense anger. Anger at this senseless, evil and random violence in our corner of the world, right here in Louisiana, in Lafayette. This could have been our families. This could have been your family. The reality is, these were just folks, regular folks like you and me, out to see a summer movie in the last few days of summer break.”

“You know, in talking to some of the victims and their families, our law enforcement officials have learned things like, for example, one of the surviving wounded victims played dead to stay alive. What we’ve learned from inside is that, it appears that the shooter actually took his time and was somewhat methodical as he shot folks from the top, from the back of the theater. It appears, more and more, that he was planning his escape. Literally had the keys on the tire of his car parked near the exit. It appears, more and more, that he had thought about how to get away.”

“I too, like the colonel, want the thank the chief and his men and the women of the first responders Lafayette police department, the other police agencies, did such a phenomenal job running towards danger, not away from it.”

“I had a chance to talk to some of the folks, the families, of those that were wounded. I talked to the father of one of the young women who tragically lost their life. It’s a family of faith. I told them, ‘no parent should have to bury a daughter, to bury a child.’ I first actually met him last night when he was desperately trying to find out what had happened to his child. I was so amazed by, in this most awful moment that any parent could imagine, he was trying to be strong for his wife, for his other children, and relying on his strong faith, his Christian faith.”

“Lafayette, we will get through this. It’s going to be tough. There are going to be tears. We need time to grieve and we will grieve, but this is a resilient community.”

“I do want to remind folks, there were incredible heroic acts. You’ve heard about the police officers that ran toward the sound of gunfire, very likely saving lives in doing so. You’ve heard about the teachers, one who jumped in front of a friend, a second pulled a fire alarm, even though she, herself, was shot. Today we learned about a couple who took a wounded victim in their own car to the hospital, they didn’t even wait, to make sure that person gained treatment as quickly as possible. I met with some of the doctors and nurses that provided treatment to the families, to the individuals that have been hurt.”

“You know, the FBI agent on the scene, made it, he said it so well this morning, when he said, ‘we’re trying to make sense out of a senseless act.'”

“Lafayette, I’ve got to say, evil, we see evil in our midst, but good and love will triumph over evil. We will get through this. It’s gonna be tough, but right now is the time for us to shower these families with love, with prayers, with our thoughts. What they need right now, we need to mourn, we need time to grieve over two lost women, and their families loss, but now is the time for us to shower their families and the other victims and their families with all the love and prayers and thoughts that we can provide. In the end love, love will triumph over evil.”

Source Video: Raw Footage

Photo: Kevin Woolsey, Baton Rouge 360.


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