Man Swims In Mississippi River by French Quarter, Does Not Resurface

New Orleans, LA – On Tuesday night, July 28, 2015 around 7:11 PM a call was made to 911 concerning a man who disappeared while swimming in the Mississippi River not far Jackson Square in the French Quarter.

One lady was visiting the River Walk in New Orleans and celebrating the birthday of her husband when they witnessed a man who went out to swim in the Mississippi River who went under water several times only to not resurface again.

The man left some belongings on the bank of Mississippi River including a cell phone, possibly a TracPhone.

Paramedics were on the scene and the Cost Guard searched with a boat in the river as well as a helicopter flying over head looking for the missing man.

A witness said that the man did not seem to be struggling the first few times he came up from underneath the waters and did not seem to be calling for any kind of help.

After going under and not coming back up the call was made to 911 for rescue help.

Many watched from the River Walk as search and rescue looked for the man who when for the swim.

The Mississippi River level was at around 15.56 feet at the time of the incident. Minor flood stage is considered to be at 17 feet according to the National Weather Service.

Story/Photos by Kevin Woolsey, BTR360.COM.


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