Baton Rouge 360 is the place you can go to read about interesting people, unique places and original perspectives inside and around Louisiana’s capital city. Our city is brimming with commerce, culture and cuisine. So where should you visit next? We hope to answer that for you. Who are the movers and shakers. Look no further. What should I be aware of by way of innovation and creativity. Yep, we have a lot of that, too.

Baton Rouge has come a long way from the town it was when our editor, Kevin A. Woolsey, moved here in 1983 as a fourteen year old boy. From small two lane highways to nice stretches of five lanes, this city has seen a lot of change, most of it for the better, we like to think. From the quaint to the ordinary, the old to the new, the funny to the usual, our city is characterized by variety and contrast.

As we are out talking, snooping and discovering the best ideas in our city, we will share them with you. We also hope you will feel free to share with us your special places, amazing memories, and creative discoveries as we live together in this progressing community.


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